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Lodge Resources

Here you will find resources for you and your lodge. If you have any questions about any of these resources, please e-mail the National Office.

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Resources from the Membership Commission

The following documents were created by the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America’s Membership Commission for use by our lodges. These are “living” documents and may be changed at any time:

  • Retention Manual: A short, helpful manual to assist with membership retention (from the Grand Lodge of Florida).
  • New Member Questionnaire: It is in an editable word document, so your lodge may change things as you see fit. Please click here to access the file.
  • Five Main Membership Focus Areas: From increasing membership to starting new lodges, this document contains ideas and tips on membership. Click here to open the file.
  • Lodge Fact Sheet: This fact sheet was created specifically for Colorado. You can adapt and change as you see fit for your own community. Click here to access this document.
  • OSDIA Fact Sheet: This fact sheet is a quick reference guide about our organization. Click here to open this document.
  • Member Benefits File: This document contains a list of many of our member benefits – a great marketing tool, and a great way to share what national is doing for your current members! Click here for this document.
  • Starting a New Lodge: Have questions on how to start a new lodge? This document is for you – click here to access it.
  • Starting a Lodge for Potential Lodges: This is a wonderful document that can be updated by you and your lodge (or Grand Lodge) for someone who is interested in starting their own lodge and would like a bit more information. Click here to open this file.
  • Welcome to OSDIA – A Presentation: This PowerPoint presentation is a wonderful resource to show to potential lodges, potential lodge members, current members and your community at-large. You can edit the slides as you see fit, and personalize the presentation so that it will make a larger impact for you. Click here to access this presentation.
  • Current OSDIA Communication Channels: A breakdown of the different channels that the Supreme Lodge uses to disseminate information to Grand, Subordinate and Local Lodge members.

Risorse disponibili

Le informazioni sull’OSDIA in Italiano:

OSDIA Lodge Operations

In an effort to standardize the operations and understanding for all Grand, Local and Subordinate lodges of OSDIA, the following are meant to serve as a guidelines and should be disseminated to all officers of the Grand Council:


Business Directory

We are proud to spotlight the many businesses who support our efforts, and many of these companies offer perks and discounts to our members!

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