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Garibaldi-Meucci Museum

The Garibaldi-Meucci Museum is a National Landmark owned and operated by the Sons of Italy Foundation®.

Imagine Giuseppe Garibaldi, “the legendary hero of two worlds” noted for his liberation efforts in South America and his unification of Italy, and Florentine-born engineer and inventor Antonio Meucci actually talking over the telephone in 1850 – in a quaint home in Staten Island, New York.

This remarkable moment, which unravels history, is commemorated in the very same house in which Garibaldi and Meucci lived. Visit the actual place where telephone history was made, where a great friendship thrived and where the vision of Italian unification was formed. View the documents, historic telephone models and hand-hewn furniture of Meucci’s home. Learn how Meucci discovered he could transmit a human voice over a copper wire charged with electricity — at a time when Alexander Graham Bell was a small child in Scotland.

Garibaldi Meucci Museum
420 Tompkins Avenue
Staten Island, New York 10305

(718) 442-1608


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