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Ways to Give

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Private support of the Commission for Social Justice® (CSJ) is vital to its success. To assist donors, the CSJ provides a range of donation options. All are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by federal law.

All gifts to the CSJ are evaluated regularly by the Board of Directors and an independent auditor. Full fiduciary responsibility for the management of donor accounts and distribution of funds to beneficiaries is administered by CSJ staff and a professional team of advisors, including accountants, attorneys and certified financial managers.

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Gift Types

When you make a gift to the CSJ, you have flexibility in determining how the funds will be used, as well as multiple options for making your gift.

Unrestricted Gifts

Unrestricted gifts, large or small, are among the most valuable to the Commission for Social Justice® because they allow us to allocate funds wherever the need is greatest, and to take advantage of unique opportunities as they arise.

Directed Gifts

Directed gifts allow you to designate your gift to a specific CSJ program, or to an endowment you may establish. When you make a directed gift to the CSJ, you enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a program that is personally meaningful to you.

For More Information

Please contact the National Office for more information or to make a major gift.

Ways to Give

Outright Gifts

When you make an outright gift to the Commission for Social Justice®, your contribution can be put to work immediately, providing funding for current programs. An outright gift may be composed of almost any asset of value.

  • Cash gifts, the easiest gift to make, may be made online, by phone or by mail, using a credit/debit card or a personal or business check made payable to the CSJ.
  • Gifts of appreciated securities, stocks, and bonds, also provide considerable tax advantages when transferred to the CSJ before they are sold. If you have held your securities for more than one year, you may find that your gift will provide a twofold tax benefit, creating an income-tax deduction as well as eliminating the capital-gains tax that would have been due on their sale. If you own securities that have declined in value, you may wish to sell them and donate the proceeds to the CSJ. In this way, you establish a loss on the stock for tax purposes and claim a deduction for a charitable contribution. View our Stock Transfer Instructions.
  • Gifts of real estate and other property, may provide multiple benefits. You can possibly avoid capital gains tax and claim a charitable deduction of the full fair market value of the property. Kindly contact the National Office prior to making a gift of this nature. Occasionally, the CSJ will accept in-kind gifts of items or services to be used in association with special events. Kindly contact the National Office prior to making a gift of this nature, to determine if there is a current need.

Gift Pledges

The Commission for Social Justice® welcomes your gift through a pledge – a formal statement of intention to make a gift to the CSJ.

With a pledge, you may complete your gift by making regular payments over time, allowing yourself to give more generously than you originally may have considered. Each payment on your pledge is eligible for an income-tax deduction in the tax year in which it is made.

Matching-Gift Programs

A simple way to increase your donation to Commission for Social Justice® is to find out if your company has a matching-gift program.

Such programs typically match a percentage or sometimes all employee contributions to charitable organizations, making the employer a partner in their employees’ personal philanthropy.

To institute a matching gift:

Obtain a matching-gift form from your employer, complete it, and provide it to the CSJ with your contribution.

In some cases, a matching gift request must be made to your employer after you make your donation to the CSJ. Kindly apprise us at the time you make your donation if you plan to request a matching gift.


Business Directory

We are proud to spotlight the many businesses who support our efforts, and many of these companies offer perks and discounts to our members!

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