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Stereotyping & Anti-Defamation

OSDIA and its anti-defamation branch, The Commission for Social Justice®, need your help to put an end to the persistent negative stereotyping of Italian Americans in advertising, entertainment and the media. We often call upon our members and supporters to participate in national campaigns, but you can also do something to make a difference in your state and community.

Below are some resources to help YOU help US put an end to defamation.

Be in the Know

Learn about just how pervasive stereotyping is in many facets of U.S. society—and examine cases of positive images…

OSDIA Columns: “It’s Only a Movie” and “Sempre Avanti”

CSJ 2013 President’s Report
At the Movies: Positive Film Portrayals of Italian Americans, 1972-2003
Italian American Stereotypes in U.S. Advertising
Made in Hollywood: Italian Stereotypes in the Movies
Take Off the Apron: Like recent Pizza Hut ad, ethnic stereotypes should be pulled

Be Active: Fight Stereotyping & Promote Positive Images

And then do something about it…

Fact Sheet: How to Fight Workplace Discrimination
Fight Stereotypes from Your Computer
Talking Points: “The Godfather” and Stereotyping in Hollywood
Talking Points: Stereotyping on Television
What You Can Do


Business Directory

We are proud to spotlight the many businesses who support our efforts, and many of these companies offer perks and discounts to our members!

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