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  • Please do not call the National Office for changes of address.
  • If you are a member of an OSDIA lodge, you must notify your lodge of your address change.
  • If you are a national at-large member or a magazine subscriber only, e-mail to change your address.

All OSDIA lodge members and national at-large members receive a free subscription to Italian America® magazine included with membership.

If you are not a member and would like to subscribe, view subscriber information to subscribe online or through the mail.

  • Take part in the CSJ’s organized petition, letter-writing, and boycott campaigns, and special events.
  • Spread the good word in your community about the rich Italian heritage and about the CSJ’s fight to preserve positive images of Italians and Italian Americans.
  • Support the CSJ financially by making a contribution

Issues that occur on a local or state level should be directed to the appropriate OSDIA Grand Lodge (state chapter).

Issues of national significance, for example an advertising campaign by a company that operates nationally, should be brought to the attention of the national Commission for Social Justice®. Send correspondence to:

Commission for Social Justice®
219 E St., NE
Washington, DC 20002

The Commission for Social Justice® (CSJ) is the anti-defamation arm of OSIA. The CSJ is particularly concerned with the stereotyping of Italian Americans by the news media, advertising and entertainment industries.

The National Education & Leadership Awards (NELA) Gala is the SIF’s most important fund-raising and public affairs event, held each May in Washington, D.C. The event highlights the SIF’s commitment to education, and all are welcome to attend.

The SIF awards grants, as funds are available, to organizations and institutions sponsoring programs for cultural preservation/advancement, medical research, disaster relief, or educational purposes. The SIF does not award grants to individuals.

To contribute to the SIF’s General Scholarship Fund, donate online or mail a check payable to the Sons of Italy Foundation® and earmarked “General Scholarship Fund” to:

The Sons of Italy Foundation®
219 E St., NE
Washington, DC 20002

To establish a scholarship, please email Emily Knoche or call her at 202.547.2900.

The SIF awards 10-13 merit-based college scholarships annually, ranging from $4,000 to $25,000, in the National Leadership Grant Competition (NLGC). These include graduate, study abroad, and Italian language study scholarships.

Yes, you can contribute to a specific cause and you can make a contribution in someone else’s name. Please see a list of our current campaigns to learn more about the SIF’s ongoing efforts. Donate to the SIF.

The Sons of Italy Foundation® (SIF) has given more than $105 million to scholarships, medical research, disaster relief, cultural preservation and other special projects. These include the Alzheimer’s Association, Cooley’s Anemia Foundation, Hurricane Andrew relief, Assisi earthquake relief and the National Law Enforcement Officers’ Memorial. See entire list…

OSDIA and its subsidiaries do not lobby. OSDIA and the CSJ do advocate on issues of significance to OSIA’s membership and all the nation’s Italian Americans.

If there are no lodges in your area, you can join as an at-large member and take advantage of all the benefits offered. You can also start your own lodge!

OSDIA stands for the Order Sons of Italy in America®, the largest and oldest organization in the United States for men and women of Italian heritage. More…

The name Order Sons of Italy in America® is a translation of the original name, L’Ordine Figli d’Italia. In Italian, figli means both children and sons. We keep this name today for historic reasons and for name recognition.

Yes. In fact more than 50% of OSIA’s members are women. Since its founding, women have shared equal status with men in OSIA. Women also hold offices at the local, state and national levels in OSDIA, and we’ve had numerous women state presidents and a woman National President.

Lodge is the term used to describe an organized OSDIA local or state chapter. The term lodge came into use when OSDIA was founded in 1905 and it reflected the structure of other fraternal organizations popular at that time.

OSDIA lodge members can vote and hold office in OSIA. They are entitled to all the benefits offered on, as well as benefits offered by their lodges.

At-large members cannot vote or run for office in OSDIA, but are entitled to all other benefits.

To join an OSDIA lodge, contact a lodge in your area.
To join as an at-large member, click here.
More about membership…


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