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Become Italian for a While on a one week to one year IFA abroad experience for students, young adults, graduates, digital nomads, professionals, retirees, and more. Immerse yourself in the Italian language, life, and culture while gaining new friends. Take courses at an accredited local university to learn, become confident in Italian, and grow among international peers.

Italian Citizenship Assistance (ICA)

ICA is a network of professionals (lawyers, genealogists, translators) specialized in Italian Law and citizenship and immigration matters. ICA offers a comprehensive service focused on handling all of the required steps in acquiring the documents necessary to apply for Italian Citizenship. ICA’s services include procurement of official Vital Records from the City Offices in Italy as well as official Italian translation of U.S. documents.

ICA is the perfect choice for people of Italian descent looking to obtain information and assistance about Italian dual citizenship jure sanguinis and by marriage, offering the best professional services at the most competitive fees related to Italian dual citizenship and Italian passport.


Business Directory

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