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National Headquarters

The OSDIA National Headquarters, located near Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., is staffed by professionals in public affairs, program management, public relations and membership services, and works to preserve Italian culture in the United States and identify solutions to the problems and issues facing Italian Americans today.

The National Headquarters supports OSDIA, the Sons of Italy Foundation®, and the Commission for Social Justice® in the following areas:

Public Affairs

  • Meeting with White House officials, members of Congress and senior federal government officials on issues of concern to Italian Americans
  • Developing relationships with other ethnic and minority groups
  • Working with the Italian government and corporate leaders to strengthen cultural and business relations between the United States and Italy
  • Public advocacy of worthwhile causes and legislation
  • National and international disaster relief efforts


  • Educational programs, including scholarships and the promotion of Italian language
  • Cultural research and programs
  • Support of medical research and other causes
  • Travel Bureau featuring OSDIA-sanctioned trips
  • Grant programs
  • Large-scale fundraising events
  • Product licensing


  • Maintaining and updating
  • Producing and publishing Italian America® magazine
  • Maintaining contact with other organizations, advocacy groups and the general public
  • Developing advertising, videos, publicity and collateral materials for OSDIA
  • Working with the news media (U.S. mainstream, Italian and Italian-American sources)

Membership Services & Lodge Support

  • Managing National At-Large Member program
  • Identifying member benefits
  • Building partnerships with vendors that offer products and services of interest to Italian Americans
  • Providing initial support in creation of new lodges and ongoing organizational support for all lodges



  • Shayla Kaestle, CPA– National Executive Director
  • Andrew Cotto– Editor-in-Chief, Italian America magazine
  • Joana Bala– Public Affairs and Business Development Manager
  • Briana Leone– Administrative Assistant



Business Directory

We are proud to spotlight the many businesses who support our efforts, and many of these companies offer perks and discounts to our members!

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