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Sustaining Patrons Circle

Sustaining Patrons Circle
Honor Roll

The Sons of Italy® extends its gratitude to these members of the Sustaining Patrons Circle:

Sons of Italy Foundation® Patrons

  • Nick & Jeanne Ameli
  • Tony Bisceglia Anderson & Linda Anderson
  • Michael Castrovinci
  • Anthony & Carolyn Cianciotta
  • Mark DeNunzio*
  • Joseph & Carol DiTrapani*
  • Francesco Ferraro
  • Judge Al Girolami & Vera Girolami
  • Mark Gregorio
  • Nami Kim
  • Joseph LaBanca
  • Bruce & Annette Lankewish
  • Salvatore & Rachele Lanzilotta
  • Terry & Sue Lattavo
  • Daniel J. Longo
  • Thomas A. Lupo
  • Michele & Eric Ment
  • Arlene Nunziati
  • Marianne Principe O’Neil & John O’Neil
  • New York State Grand Lodge Foundation, OSIA
  • Maria Fassio Pignati
  • Michael G. Polo
  • Michael S. Polo
  • Paul S. Polo, Sr.*
  • Nancy DiFiore Quinn & John Quinn
  • Rose Carolyn Rizza
  • Joseph & Joan Rondinelli
  • Joseph Sciame
  • Diane Y. Scillo

Bob & Betty Messa, Sustaining Patrons Emeriti

Commission for Social Justice® Patrons

Arlene Nunziati

Maria Fassio Pignati

Diane Y. Scillo

*Member of the Sons of Italy Sustaining Patrons Circle President’s Guild,
reserved for those dedicated individuals who encourage others
to support the SIF and the CSJ through recurring giving.

Can I afford monthly giving?

Yes, you can! A monthly giving plan spreads your annual gift goal amount into smaller monthly donations. For example, if you plan to make an annual gift of $200, your monthly donation would be only $16.66 a month.

Annual Gift Goal:
Monthly Donation:

Sons of Italy Sustaining Patrons Circle

What is the Sons of Italy Sustaining Patrons Circle?

The Sons of Italy Sustaining Patrons Circle is a special recognition society for a group of dedicated philanthropists making recurring monthly gifts to carry on the work of the Sons of Italy Foundation® (SIF)*. Sustaining Patrons Circle members are an important component of the SIF’s ability to continue crucial support for its programs and causes.

Circle members are recognized in the Sons of Italy Sustaining Patrons Circle Honor Roll in multimedia materials and will receive an end-of-the-year acknowledgment letter for their contribution.

Members of the Sons of Italy Sustaining Patrons Circle can take pride in knowing that they are helping uphold the work of the SIF with their regular monthly donations.

Why should I participate in recurring monthly giving?

If you have ever asked, “How can I make an impactful gift in support of Sons of Italy charitable programs that will not break the bank?” you are not alone. Many charitable patrons ask this question. And many often do not realize that making an impactful gift is as easy as checking their monthly credit card statement.

Participating in recurring monthly giving is one way to make a significant gift without necessarily feeling a huge impact on your wallet. Monthly giving enables you to give a gift spread out into regular monthly donations, allowing you to perhaps contribute more generously than you could if making a lump-sum gift.

Don’t defer making a gift because you are unable to give as much as you’d like all at once…Making your gift in recurring monthly donations won’t break the bank and your personal impact on SIF charitable programs* will be a significant one.

How do recurring monthly giving and the Sons of Italy Sustaining Patrons Circle work?

Support any or all of the SIF’s worthy charities with an affordable recurring monthly commitment of any amount. Your gift may be applied to help support the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation, Alzheimer’s Association, Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism, the national scholarship program, wounded warriors and veterans causes, domestic and international emergency relief, Italian language programs, all of these important causes, or let the SIF apply your gift where it is needed most.* You decide!

Monthly giving is automatic. Once you sign up, your donation is automatically charged to your credit card on the same day each month (if you make your first gift online; if you make your first gift by phone or mail, your donation will be charged on the first day of each month.). You do not need to do anything more.

But the power is still in your hands: Continue making monthly donations as long as you wish. If the need arises to change the credit card to which your monthly donations are charged, make donations by another method, increase or decrease your donation amount, or suspend making gifts altogether, simply contact the National Office and your request will be immediately processed.

By making an affordable recurring monthly gift of $10 or more in support of the SIF’s* worthy causes for at least 3 consecutive months, you will become a member of the Sons of Italy Sustaining Patrons Circle.

*Recurring monthly gifts may also be made to the Commission for Social Justice (CSJ), the anti-defamation arm of the Order Sons of Italy in America, on the same online or printed form that is used for the SIF. Monthly giving to the CSJ qualifies the donor for enrollment in the Sons of Italy Sustaining Patrons Circle as described above.


Monthly Giving Made Easy

  1. Sign up for recurring monthly giving online or mail a printable form.
  2. Note the amount you would like to donate every month.
    • A minimum monthly donation of $10.00 for at least 3 consecutive months is required to be a member of the Sons of Italy Sustaining Patrons Circle.
    • You may change the amount of your gift at any time by contacting the National Office.
  3. Designate the program(s) to which you would like your gift applied.
    • You may change the gift designation at any time by contacting the National Office.
  4. On the same day of every month, the amount you designate will be automatically charged to the credit card that you designate.
    • You may suspend your monthly donations at any time by contacting the National Office.
  5. When you complete 3 consecutive monthly donations of $10 or more, you will be installed as a member of the Sons of Italy Sustaining Patrons Circle and recognized on the Honor Roll.
  6. Each January, as long as you have participated in monthly giving for any part of the previous calendar year, you will receive a tax letter noting your full donation amount for the previous year.
  7. Take pride in knowing that you are helping to uphold the important work of the Sons of Italy!

For More Information

Please contact the National Office for more information.

202.547.2900 |


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