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Writer/Humorist Celeste LaTassa Behe shares stories of her upbringing in the Bronx’s “Little Italy,” where she lived until 1985.  Her award-winning talks center on food, faith, and family as they were experienced in a bygone era. In 2014 and 2016, she won first place in Toastmasters D38, Area 52/53 Humorous Speech Contest for “Espresso: My Performance Enhancing Drug” and “Being LaTassa,” respectively.
Contact:  (610) 838-7151 (home) | (484) 554-2022 (cell) | |

Will also travel to:  Northeast


Retired Philadelphia teacher Ben Lariccia speaks about Italian immigration in the 1870s, early Italian immigrants in Ohio’s coal mines, and sheepherding in the Mezzogiorno. He is a seasoned writer with La Gazzetta Italiana newspaper and coauthored Coal War in the Mahoning Valley: The Origin of Greater Youngstown’s Italians. Book signing.
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Author, Journalist, Celebrity Chef, and Professor Maria Liberati speaks about Italian food, culture, and wines. She presents topics such as the cuisine of all regions of Italy, traveling through Italy’s ancient towns, Leonardo DaVinci and his life as a foodie, and gluten free and dairy free Italian food. She can customize a presentation on food, culture, and travel depending on the event. Maria has authored ten culinary travel books. Book signings; cooking demonstrations/lessons; and wine pairings.
Contact:  (215) 436-9524 |

Will also travel to:  Pennsylvania


Director of Marketing and Communications at the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce Stephanie Longo speaks on Italian-American history, particularly the Italian community of Northeastern Pennsylvania. She also conducts a workshop on trying to piece together a region’s history (having done so on Campania). She is the author of The Italians of Northeastern Pennsylvania, The Italians of Lackawanna County, and Dunmore. She holds Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in Italian studies and runs SIAM, an Italian-American heritage society based in Scranton. Book signing and/or writing workshop.
Contact:  (570) 815-7401| |        

Will also travel to:  Anywhere in the U.S.


Author Josephine B. Pasquarello speaks about several subjects, including growing up Italian, single-parenting, dealing with sudden death, large Italian family traditions, and how mob violence affects the families left behind. Her recent book, Love & Loyalty, is set in Philadelphia during the 1950s and 1960s and is about her mother, who raised 12 children after her husband was murdered.  Book signing.
Contact:  (267) 441-0997 |        

Will travel to:  Anywhere in the U.S.


Managing Director of Little Italy Productions Joseph Puglisi speaks about topics related to the creation of a feature film—such as writing a script, hiring a cast and crew, acting in a film, and marketing a film. He is Executive Producer, writer, and actor for the recent feature film That’s Amore.
Contact:  (724) 316-5635 | | Facebook-Joe Puglisi

Will also travel to:  Anywhere


Former Italian instructor and award-winning author Frank Salvatore will talk about his novel, Janus: Two Countries, Two Love Stories. Also speaks on Italian emigration.
Contact:  (610) 449-0677 |

Will also travel to:  Mid-Atlantic; Ohio


Dancer, Author and Podcaster, Anna Harsh, shares her exploration of growing up as an Italian-American through the art of dance. She presents her vast research in Italy to preserve Italian dances from various regions. These dances offer the next generation with important life lessons and skills. She is the author of La Danza, Conflict, Passion, and Healing. She conducts Italian dance workshops and writing workshops. Book signings/ documentary screenings are available.

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Will also travel to: Anywhere in the United States 


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