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Ex-professional/college football coach and Vince Lombardi historian/professor Jack Giambrone speaks about the challenges and successes of the legendary Vince Lombardi. He shares anecdotes and displays historic pieces of his nationally recognized 500-piece Vince Lombardi collection. Several pieces of this collection are currently on display in The Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame.
Contact:  (937) 689-7640 | | The Lombardi Collection and Legacy (on Facebook)

Will also travel to:  Midwest and other locations


Author Gerardo Perrotta speaks about Italian themes on U.S. Postage Stamps and conducts a travelogue called Calabria by Stamps. He has published a book, Phila-Italy Americana: Italian Themes on United States Postage Stamps, and has given several live audience presentations on Italian-related themes at the University of Cincinnati OLLI (Learning in Retirement) Program. He also teaches Italian at NoiAmici online via Zoom.
Contact:  (513) 451-8701 | or


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