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Screenwriter/Producer Robert Bruzio speaks on the journey and struggles of getting a movie made. He is the screenwriter and associate producer of Bottom of the 9th, a major motion picture scheduled for release on July 19. Creative services, writing, producing, communications.
Contact:  (914) 469-7695 | |

Will also travel to:  Anywhere in the U.S. and beyond


Author Deborah Burns speaks on her memoir—Saturday’s Child—which is about emerging from the shadow of her larger-than-life, unconventional Italian mother. The story’s backdrop is the Canzoneri Country Club in Upstate New York. The club was founded by her uncle, Tony Canzoneri, the Lightweight Boxing Champion of the World. In addition to focusing on the mother-daughter relationship, she also highlights the lost era of this hotel and the Italian-American experience of the characters. Book signing. 
Contact:  (917) 405-3391 |

Will also travel to:  Northeast and anywhere in the United States (if costs covered)


Actor, Producer, Director, and Author Joseph Cirillo speaks about how he became an actor, his relationship with A-list Italian-American celebrities (Sinatra, DeNiro, Pacino, Connie Francis), and his recent memoir entitled An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse. He was a member of the New York Police Department and is recognized for his role as a police captain in Ghostbusters. Book signing.
Contact:  (516) 673-5871 |


Award-winning Author and Professor Andrew Cotto speaks about writing fiction and non-fiction about Italy and the Italian-American experience. His latest novel, Cucina Romana, is the second in his “Italian Adventure” series and was described by Adriana Trigiani as “Beautifully descriptive and romantic, this is one Italian adventure you don’t want to miss!” Book signing and cooking demonstration.
Contact:  (718) 915-1044 | |

Will also travel to:  East Coast from Massachusetts to Maryland (with an emphasis on the Tri-State area) and as far west as Ohio. 


Newspaper Editor and Journalist Michael Cutillo speaks about writing memoirs, being a first-generation Italian American, traveling to and in Italy (including how to set up group trips), and a variety of other Italian-related topics. He has dozens of newspaper writing awards and is a regular columnist for OSDIA Grand Lodge of New York newsletter “The Golden Lion.” He recently published a memoir entitled George Washing Machine, Portables & Submarine Races:  My Italian-American Life. Book signing. 
Contact:  (315) 398-1351 |


Author George Dapra speaks on his memoir, Non-Disclosure. A retired Federal Agent, he worked in New York City in the United States Witness Security Program. Book signing.

Will also travel to:  East Coast from Florida to Maine


Multi-award winning author Mike De Lucia is an in-demand orator who speaks out against the negative Italian stereotypes perpetuated by the media. He also discusses his latest book, Madness, based on the life of Hall of Famer, Hank Luisetti, the son of Italian immigrants, who revolutionized basketball in the 1930s. A man who is not a media-induced caricature, but a college educated, innovative young man who took on the basketball establishment and won—not by force, but by God-given talent, vision, and a determination to embody the American Dream. Book talks and book signings. References available.
Contact:  (914) 419-6969 | |

Will also travel to:  Anywhere United States


Paul Failla, retired police officer, speaks on growing up Italian, character-building, and youth awareness (driver safety, substance abuse, etc.). He has published a book entitled Life: 101 and has performed an original one-man show for several OSDIA lodges called “The Class of Life” (
Contact:  (631) 278-4294 | |

Will also travel to:  Anywhere in the U.S.


Author, journalist, and photographer Eleanor Foa speaks about Italian Jews, their history, and their World War II experience in Italy as well as the story of Italian Jewish printing and how/why it came about. She also talks about the memoir writing process and her recent release, Mixed Messages: Reflections on an Italian Jewish Family and Exile (Centro Primo Levi, Inc.). Book signing.
Contact:  (212) 879-1542 | |


Author Carla Gambescia speaks about her published book, La Dolce Vita University: An Unconventional Guide to Italian Cuture for A to Z. She gives a presentation called “The Alchemy of Italy”—which includes all things Italian: food, wine, history, architecture, art, style, and anecdotes—that even the most sophisticated Italophile can enjoy. Carla has written about and toured every region of Italy either on foot or by bicycle. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School of Business. Book signing.
Contact:  (914) 443-9892 | |

Will also travel to:  Anywhere in the U.S. & Canada


Author and College Writing Instructor Maria Giura, Ph.D. speaks about “Writing the Italian in Your Memories” and conducts an hour-long teaching workshop. She is the author of the award-winning memoir Celibate and the award-winning poetry collection What My Father Taught Me. She has more than a decade of teaching experience. Workshop and Book Signing.
Contact:  (718) 979-1272 | |


Historian & author Salvatore LaGumina, noted scholar of Italian American studies, speaks on Italian Americans in WWII as well as their response to the earthquake of 1908 in Messina, Sicily. Will do book signings.
Contact:  (516) 798-8256 |

Will also travel to:  Anywhere in the U.S.


Composer/Playwright/Author Norman Mathews speaks on musical theater, Sicily, and food/recipes. He has received numerous grants and awards, including being a recent winner of FutureFest (performance of new plays). He recently published his memoir—The Wrong Side of the Room: A Life in Music Theater—which was selected by Kirkus Review in Best Books of 2018. Book signing.
Contact:  (212) 781-2590 | |

Will also travel to:  Within 150 miles of New York City



Artist, educator, national speaker, and exhibiter Patrick Morelli speaks about art and creating national monuments. He is the creator of two national monuments: “Behold” Monument honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., at King Historical Park, and “Eagles Rock September 11th Memorial” overlooking the former site of the Twin Towers and honoring the victims with a 165-foot granite “Wall of Remembrance.” He has designed and sculpted “La Bellissima America”/“America the Beautiful”—a tribute to Italian-American immigrants as well as their sons and daughters. He is also the author of two novels. Book signing and sale of existing fine art sculpture and graphics. 
Contact:   (518) 782-4671 | | (National Monuments and National Art Education Programs); (Dramatic and comic novels)     

Will also travel to:  Anywhere nationally or internationally


Author and financier James Pavoldi, ARM, ALCM speaks about investing and finance. He recently published Investing Kindergarten: The $imple Truth That’s Worth a Fortune. Lectures and book signing.
Contact:  (518) 356-3866 |

Will also travel to:  Anywhere United States


Author and educator Marianna Biazzo Randazzo speaks about Italian immigration to New York City and about Sicily in World War II. Historian/Media Specialist of Father Capodanno Lodge #212 (Staten Island, NY), she serves as Commissioner of the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum. She has recently published Italians of Brooklyn (Arcadia Publishing) and memoirs Given Away: A Sicilian Upbringing and Given Away: The Rest of the Story. In 2016, she won the NYS Order Sons of Italy Literary Award. PowerPoint presentation and book signing.
Contact:  (917) 609-3318 |

Will also travel to:  Anywhere United States


Author Anthony Sciarratta speaks about art, entertainment, Italian culture, and his debut novel, Finding Forever (Post Hill Press), an Italian-American love story set in the 1970s. Book signing. 
Contact:  (646) 593-2254 | |

Will also travel to:  Anywhere in the New York City area


Author & U.S. Navy Lieutenant (Ret.) Nicholas Starace on his experiences in the Navy; WW II Navy battles and eye-witness accounts of 9/11. Book signing of White Sails Became Me: Memoirs of a Seafaring Heritage.
Contact:  (973) 376-9026 | |

Will also travel to:  New Jersey


Author Camilla Trinchieri speaks on transforming a World War II family story into a novel. Under the pen name Camilla Crespi, she has written eight mystery novels featuring a recently emigrated Italian woman. Her recent release—Seeking Alice—was published by SUNYPress and won the Italian-American Studies Association award for fiction 2017. It is a story of the conflicts and strife of an American and Italian family caught in Europe during World War II. Book signings.
Contact:  (212)473-9705 | |


Author/Illustrator of more than 40 books for children Dan Yaccarino speaks on how his new children’s book, All The Way To America, about four generations of Italian Americans. Will do book signings.
Contact:  (212) 675-5335 | |

Will also travel to:  Anywhere in the U.S.


Sarah Gutmann (née Guidotti) is a professional genealogist and speaker with Legacy Tree Genealogists. She heads up Italian research and assist clients in obtaining dual Italian citizenship, for which she and her children hold as well. Over the past two years she has taught over a hundred genealogy programs as well as presented at RootsTech, Genealogy Gems, Extreme Genes, and Elevens with Lisa. She offers various genealogy programs, two of which are specific to Italian research.

Will also travel to:  Anywhere in the U.S. ($299 an hour, plus additional travel expenses)


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