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Writer/Speaker/Choreographer Mary Lou Sanelli offers many talks of interest listed on her website, The Immigrant’s Table, is one of her favorites. It’s a fun, upbeat story that dramatically and poetically tells a story of immigration, cultural adjustment and weaving Old and New Worlds together into a rich fabric of memoir. Sanelli’s staged reading from her book of the same name, The Immigrant’s Table, includes storytelling, Italian food & wine: all the elements she so enthusiastically writes about in her story of coming of age first generation American, born to parents from Italy. Sanelli introduces her audience to her family in the most Italian of settings: around a table. And in introducing her family, she also reveals those long-held family recipes for a great meal as well as those for a lively family.
Contact:  (360) 280-0512 |

Will also travel to:  Northwest


Author Paul R. Spadoni speaks about his best-selling memoir, The American Dream: Living Part Time or Full Time in Italy. He was named Washington Journal Teacher of the Year and has degrees in journalism and education. He has also written features for Italian America magazine, including the popular “What’s in an (Italian) Name” (Spring 2015). Book signing.
Contact:  (253) 851-7839 | |

Will also travel to:  Oregon and California


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