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Professor Giuseppe Albanese speaks on all aspects of opera. He has a dynamic educational program—entitled The Joy of Opera—that is an introduction to Bel-Canto. He currently presents opera courses at Florida Atlantic University’s Lifelong Learning Society and has received their Excellence in Teaching Award.
Contact:  (561) 624-3245 | |

Will also travel to:  Southeast


President/Owner of Golden Voice Production Lawrence C. Branchetti speaks about music and heritage. Nicknamed “The Golden Voice,” he carries on the musical memories of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and other Italian greats. In 2011, he was awarded the Miami Award by the U.S. Commerce Association for “production and his vocal ability.” He has also devoted his time to supporting fundraising events as a credit to his Italian roots.
Contact:  (305) 758-5081 | |


Member of the Dante Society Anthony Branco speaks on The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. His knowledge extends back 30 years, when he first read the work, and he continues to re-read the work on a daily basis.
Contact:  (813) 856-7090 |


Author of Italian-American fiction and Licensed Mental Health Counselor C. D’Angelo (pen name) speaks about her novel—The Difference: A culturally inspiring genealogy and immigration women’s fiction novel—and writing/story developing for Italian culture. She also speaks on mental health, travel, immigration, ancestry, and genealogy—which serve as themes in her novel. Book signing, book club Q&A, pitch-writing, coaching, motivational speeches.
Contact:  (904) 742-8796 |


Retired law professor Michael J. Polelle speaks about his novel, The Mithras Conspiracy (Lido Press), a thriller set in Rome about a cult dedicated to the Roman god, Mithras. He also speaks about American Constitutional law issues. He is a former columnist of Fra Noi Magazine and an award-winning legal writer. Book signing. 
Contact:  (941) 388-1840 | |

Will also travel to:  West Coast and other areas in the United States


Poet and Memoir author Nadia Steffé speaks about World War II in Istria, Italy, and about Italian migration and assimilation into countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia. She recently published her memoir—My Native Land Sings to Me—which is about her post-World War II experience emigrating from Istria with her family. Book signing.
Contact:  (732) 429-9133 |

Will also travel to:  New Jersey; New York, California; Montreal; Toronto; Vancouver.


Author Carmine Vittoria speaks about World War II in the Naples area, which he experienced as a child. He recently published Bitter Chicory to Sweet Espresso: Survival and Deliverance from WWII in the Naples, Italy, Area. 1940-49 (Purpo, Inc.). A Professor Emeritus, he taught Electrical and Computer Engineering for 32 years at Northeastern University and has published numerous scientific articles. Book signing.
Contact:  (305) 365-6428 | |

Will also travel to:  Washington, D.C. and Boston


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